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Millennial of the Month - Dylan Szeto

This month, we're happy to introduce to you a New Yorker who currently calls El Paso home. Dylan represents a large portion of millennials who simply want to give back to the community they belong to. His guidance helped us launch RISE in 2017 and is making a difference in how we grow our membership. Read on to learn more about this young professional.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Dylan Szeto and along with being a RISE Planning Committee Member, I do economic research for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. I grew up in New York City and lived there my entire life before coming to El Paso. Though I have an undying love for my hometown, I am excited to be a part of and explore a new community. In my free time, I love reading about public policy, watching TV shows (I’ve re-watched The Office an embarrassing amount of times), and listening to all kinds of music.

What made you want to join RISE?

RISE allowed me to combine two things that I am a big fan of: 1) going to happy hour, and 2) pursuing my passion for serving the community. It presented a great opportunity for someone, like me, who is new to the El Paso community to get to know other young professionals and learn more about the culture of the city. Along with the social benefits, not only do I get to engage in activities that make a difference, but I get to help connect others with those activities. It’s a truly rewarding experience.

What is your favorite thing about the El Paso community?

I really love the interesting aspects of life on the border. If I wanted to, I could walk from my office in downtown to Juarez within 20-25 minutes. That is not an experience I could get anywhere. El Paso also has some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining RISE?

Join! It’s a great opportunity to network and help serve our community. For those who are new to El Paso or just moving back after being away, I would say it’s a great opportunity to meet some other young professionals. It has definitely allowed me to do so. For those who are already here, it’s a great opportunity to expand your network to those who may not be in your field. No matter what your story is, it’s an opportunity to help give back to our community.

Describe your ideal day in El Paso. What stops are a must?

I am a really big fan of going to Anson11 or Salt and Honey for brunch/lunch. I like going to Fahrenheit 180 to get some coffee, read a book, and eat a slice of a crepe cake if I’m feeling up to it. If not, I might take a walk through San Jacinto and go to Hotel Indigo to get a drink and sit on the patio. For dinner, I am a really big fan of going to L&J and ordering some enchiladas, but often get way too full on chips and salsa before my food comes.

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