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Frequently Asked Questions

When, how, and why was RISE created?

RISE was created in 2017 as a way to foster the spirit of philanthropy and opportunities to give back for young professionals entering the workplace. 


Who qualifies to be a part of RISE?

Anyone between the ages of 21-30 who contributes $100 or more per year to the United Way of El Paso County! This can be a one-time donation or spread out throughout the year.


How can I join the RISE Planning Committee?

Each spring, RISE seeks new members for the steering committee, which…..  Applications are solicited and accepted January through March of each year. To express your interest and be considered to join the RISE steering committee, share your letter of interest and resume with any current Steering Committee member or the United Way liaison.


How do I donate? 

You can donate through payroll deductions at your workplace or by going online to


What causes do the donations help with? 

Donor contributions support the United Way Community Impact Fund allocating resources to 25 different non-profits in the El Paso region. These non-profit agencies are researched and vetted to provide the most needed and effective services to El Paso residents in the areas of education, health, basic needs and financial stability. For a full and current list of programs supported by RISE contributions, visit the United Way website: Our Priority Areas | United Way of El Paso County (


Do I have to donate to volunteer for an event?

While RISE events are created specifically for RISE members, guests are always welcome!  RISE encourages volunteerism and giving back. By attending volunteer events, we hope that guests will develop an interest in joining the RISE donor network.


What resources are available to me as a member of RISE?

RISE members receive the satisfaction that their gifts make a difference.  Not only monetary donations, but also the gift of talent and time! RISE members are able to experience new sides of El Paso while also making a difference in the development of the community. It is the hope that RISE members experience the impact of their donations and feel the urge to continue contributing.


Where can I view the next RISE events?  

RISE events are posted through the RISE social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.  Events can also be found on the RISE website on the Hang Out page.

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